"SARJAN IZLEEN" said "camp again ? naah ! i wont be goin anymore of it !"

aha ! huhu :(( as a starting, i just got back from a camp which being held in "SEGA RAUB PAHANG " i dunno where th heck is that place but it must've been in raub ...this camp was being held for us to get our "pangkat"(i tatau translate) in KRS..to get the pangkat we have to pass a few task that was given..so we have  to stay there for 3 days 2 night ! the journey starts here ;

DAY 1 :'(
since our in charged teacher was cikgu mohammad so he brought us to the "place" around 2.30pm..that was after our lunch..ouh ! before it lost from my mind,me n kak aina was the one who went for this camp n with 2 other student(guys)..ouhh man ! once the tent was ready,the teacher went back :( then we were asked to ,line up with the other skool's student ! ouhh man !! the commander was like fucking strict ! once we've made a mistake we will have to do starjump or squadjump =____= me no likey himm ! then he'll also SHOUT to us if we've done any mistakes like"cacat otaklahh kau ni @ lembaplahh @ rimau btollah " cnt he jus say a good words for us cause it's a pray act ... then we hve to rushh here n there n the food aint that good at all compared to DEMA ! i love DEMA <3 :) .. we alsop need to cook an egg n a potatoe =__=(guna tanah pulakk tuu) the toilet was also freaking small n it was soo DAMN far n the path to go there was SOOO small :(.. i rindu kolah seriously :(( n then when i get back to my tent i cried n k.aina try to sooth me .. i dont like the pressure that they put on us cause i dont expect for it to as tough as like this :( then at night we have to do pafa =__=.. i PASSED :D !! the teacher in charge was cikgu sumardi n ustaz wan .. we were so glad to hve them cause it felt like we were in surau semesta ! ouhh i miss surau !! :'(..then i cant sleep well at night cause of sudden i was thinking ;
"its nearly end of 2010 school session n my seniors are going to leave me behind while im not ready yet for them to go :'( .. especially to kak ima (my sister),kak tasha (my teammate n my sis too),kak deea (once my kakak dorm n now she moved out n miss her), kak bayu n kak umie (my kakak dorm too ) not to forget to haiqal zafri too ..n to all my seniors (name unmentioned doesnt mean that i forget them n i'll keep our memories together TIME + SMART :) may ALLAH accept our prayers together ..AMIN.. n i cried when i think of this :'( dont leave us ...

DAY 2.
to make it short.. this is the WORST DAY ! we have to mach for 3 hours :(.. run for 2.4 km .. n evrything else which is soo fussy :( but then .. the last session at night was the one i like so much cause its p.speaking session :D ive done it well..*wink

yeahh !! the day that ive been waiting for ! to get back to school n then home :) ngee~ ALHAMDULILLAH k.aina n I managed to get STAF SARJAN :D *wootwoot..6 girls were managed to achieve this while the others got KOPERAL N LANS KOPERAL..i dont expect for this achievement cause all the activities that ive done is full of mencarut in my heart ..then we went back to school n i realized that this camp actually taught me much about why should i appreciate SEMESTA ! i luv my school soo muche :))

n not forget i miss this people so much ;
k.adie,classmates,kakak"dorm n adik" dorm... izhar,aiman ,nad n others :) ilysm !
                                                             -the end-


  1. siyes camp ada bnyk jenis la izleen dear....kalau yg jenis cam askar ada sarjan even i pon dun like it...one da i'll take u hiking....bez giler....altho penat na mampos..n tak da org tengking2 nya...heee...see my pics laaaa as prove!haha =)


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