Petbro n petsys :) good luck yea :) n laen2 jugaa ! 10A+ :))

Encik Muhammad Haiqal Zafri a.k.a petbro  :p good luck yea ? n k.ima nadia jugaa my petsys.. haha *ini untuk semua f5 ;
*msti bole buat nyer !
*10 A + dlm tgn lahh !
*jgn stress out sgt !
*i'll pray for all of u !
* n , i'll miss all of u ! 

this is haiqal @pun boyfiee aira yg comel :p dia kuat mengarut jugaa :) dan dia seorg abg yg baek >.< lol

this is kak tasha <3 my team8 in dbte ! eventhough 1 year but ist the most precious moment with you :'D
my lovely kakak dorm :) k.bayu n k.deea :)they r so kind to me !1st day msuk they borakborak n k.deea ask me if i wanna pinjam her bag cause mine is tooo BIG ^^
others i ta larat nk ltak pics but no worries ! ur faces will always become one of the most wonderful memories in my mind n heart :) K.IMA ! got no pics of urs but i heart u so much ! <3 <3 the BEST kakak in the world though we can't mnage to spend much time together :'(

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