Sekolah Kluster Kecemerlangan :)

ada ke patut public phone sekolah aku yg indah lgi menawan dan cukup membuat org luluh hati jiwa dan raga mlihatnya tiada gagang ? =.=' tahap henry gurney dah ! tak patut tak patut ! huish,satu alasan knapa harus bawa phone ke sekolah ! *winkwink ;) 

kan dah bm aku post kali ni ! bahasa jiwa bangsa. sekolah i love you lah <33333

Yazo look look :)

Adakah anda rasa anda hot?
Cukup utk buat org melecur ;) gahaaha xD

Upload walpaper yang anda guna sekarang?
benefits ?

Cerita pasal gambar ni?

Kali terakhir makan Pizza?
lpas bli hot tcket maxis yg dpt RM 1 tuu ^^

Lagu terakhir yang anda dengar?
A Year Without Rain

Apa yang anda buat selain selesaikan tag ni?
Facebook :)

Selain nama sendiri, anda dipanggil dgn nama apa?
elin :D

Tag lagi 10 orang:
Naylee Farzana
Sharifah Syafiqah
Adlina Azman
Haiqal Zafri
Mohammad Arif
 Zafran Kamil
Bayu Allira

Siapa orang nombor 1 dengan anda?
kawan baik saya ;)

Katakan sesuatu kepada nombor 5.
hey :D

Kata-kata cinta kepada orang nombor 4.
*rasa geli*kau abg terbaek lah ;D

No 3 ada hubungan dengan siapa?
*Rasa dosa nak ckp* mia mansor ! haha

Bagaimana pula dengan no 2?
Die sweetheart saya <333

Berikan 4 fakta tentang orang yang kamu tag.
1) kalian pntg dlm hidup saya.
2)dont ever leave me ?
3)korg style :D
4)aku xkan lupa korg ;)

yazo : i copy n paste ni tautautau ! nak update my blog ;) imy T.T

Pack All Your Stuff :)

Pack all ur stuff to bring to school. mak ckp ! hish ! siap kau semesta kalau aku smpai nnti =.=' hate this ! 

"Clever" !

specially for YOU ^^ err.not u dear kind reader.the "other" one :)* i je yg paham


yes u should !

u !

thnk u !

till then :'(

School's Back ;) 2010 ! back off ;)

assalamualaikum :) fuhh ! 2010 has reached the end.2011 here u come :) there's many ups n downs i've went through this year ! same as u guys too :) im hoping to be a better person next year n that's what everyone wants :D but then im so f**kin lazy to go back to my skool =.=' like GILA malas ! f3 plak tu .. pfft ! klas gila byk ! homaigod =.=' fb will be away n  this bloggong pun ! no more texting ! gila aku jadi . no mp3 ? lagi rase nk mati =.='  psp ? hish !  T.T i dont want to go to school ! harap maklum :) 

reaction org tak btol yg SAYANG skolah =.='

hish ! haha

damn it !

?? d e a d !

mati aku =.='

as a conclusion ! why must school exist ??

Moments of Freedom :)

Ouhhhhhhyeahhhhhh xD teheee ! i super duperly cant believe that im writing this due to my free moments ;) im done with those homeworks !!! cnt believe im writing this but yeah ! as ive done with my last piece of work which is science i was like slapping my face twice n woohoo ! im free :D so u guys who havent,so long ! haha no no no,go n finish ur works properly cause its for our own good :) 

that feeling when i was doing the hworks =.='

this is what im feeling now :)

before :)

after ;)
till then my dear of luck with your homeworks *whispering *evil laugh* heeeee xD


I Dont Give A Damn ! Thank You =.='

go away ! go go go ! =.=' leave me behind please ? go lahhh ! y ? seems like  im ignoring you ? pffft ? sh*t lahh =.=' go go go ! sibuk penyibuk menyibuk ! hish ! this is my 1st emotional post ! n dont make it second please =.=' gooooooo awayyyy !

hish ! >(


till then for this EMOTIONAL post ! thank u :)

Pretty Please ? Can I Watch This Mum ?

hah ! i badly wanna watch this ! this n this ! but its hardly to ask permission from my mum =.=' since last week i've watched narnia ! i should have watch this week ! okay..actually,i BADLY wanna watch TRON LEGACY ... but the problems is

1st. Ive went for a movie last week so it isnt necessary for me to watch movie AGAIN this week -.- that's what my mum said

2nd. is no one can teman me and im looking for a GIRL  :/ dush ! haiyooo =.='

but tapelahh i wont stop convincing my mum :DD weee! mak nak tgk jgkkkkkk ! haaha

this is the one !

i wanna get one of this ;p


badly wanna watch =.='

till then :) <3 !

Back In Time ;)

assalamualaikum :) it seems this post is my second post for today..i dunno why,but im using the chance of "while it last" because next year im aint gonna post much =.= haha topic for this post ? hmmm.. ahaa ! i miss this ! look down lahh =.='

haha xD

haaa ? weird .. i know i'll find people babbling like "lahh lama nyeee lahh aku x bkak bnda ni" or "boring lahh bnda ni" or "aku dah lupa pun password aku" haha or maybe "aku pnah ada ke tak haa bnda ni" actually..pity to them who create this thing :( pnatt die buat susah susah :p haha ive logged in my friendster just about u guys ? pglahh update skali setahun yea ? haha sooo long friendster ! u've been defeated by this !

why ? pelik ? haha 
okay .. this is the real one..

heee ;) see the different with the above one ?

sorylahh babe :) u lose !
most probably u guys would say this 

haha !

n will say go FACEBOOK !

cngrates mrk zckrbrg ;) here we could conclude how time flies as well as the development of our surroundings n ourselves :) new year is coming soon so do fulfill all ur wishes that u've made in early 2010 ;) till then

Nothing Much But Just Want to Get This Blog Updated :)

Assalamualaikum ? more likely there's only left 2 weeks plus minus for me to stay in KL :) later,i'll be back in raub again =.=' now i dont feel like going back.but im sure i'll get excited n happy to be there later on . amin :) i'm actually excited n happy to be in 3 al-biruni.but to be frank i miss my 2 al-biruni more :'( lagi,peoples i love are gone like kak deea kak tasha kak bayu kak ima kak umie n many other n haiqal :( i cant imagine how will school would be like without u guys <3 :(( never mind,life must go on and i couldnt expect for u guys to stay there forever kan ? :D then,i'll miss this blog..about once a month only i can update this blog like seriously.then FB ! ouhh man -,- lagilah rindu .. n my parents cousins n " ;) " <3 heee ~:'( i'll miss u guys when im in raub but do pray for my success ! my hworks now are most likely 90% done ;) 10 % for maths <3 ! n 10 % for my science i do love science but its hard enough =.=' seriously ! haha i hope for an A for all 8 subjects insyaallah :)

haha xD

then people will be like this .....

bahahaha ;)

then people will like do me THIS ! 

amin ;)

sooo here's a couple of advices n pictures that i found interesting for U n I ;)

hee xD

if a teddy bear can do it why cant us ;)

its true :)

pmr xoxo

choose the left one instead of right ;)

anddd !

truetruetrue ! ;)
okay..till then for this post :) love ya ;)

Lovely Nurul Aiman Hazaruddin :)

assalamualaikum :D haa ? weird ? with what ? the tittle ? haha..nahh~this tittle is related to this freaking little cute sister of mine ;)

i love this pic the most <3 cause its natural ;)

okay..back ! yes..of sudden i wrote about her.its because i think we havent connect for a longlong time isnt we ? to be short,call her eman ;) i know her since she entered SEMESTA ...keep usha-ing her n fuhh ! one day i brave myself to talk to her.its akward.but then i keep talking to her n one finally day :) wee ! she became my my other sisters,i do love u guys but eman is the 1st to became my she lagi lama with me ;) yg laen jgn kcik hati ye ? ada time akak post pasal korg plak ;) thenthenthen ! she gave me ikan paten ! ^^ lol ! its my favourte food.and many other things ..haha i love her so much n i cant imagine if i lose her :') since i anak tunggal n tade adek or any other siblings ! to end this post ;

akak pnat google bnda ni ;P
till then <3 ;)

Narnia The Voyage of The Dawn Treader :)

this is it <3 :DD
xoxo !

assalamualaikum :) today ive went to catch a movie with this girl nearby my home :)

senyum lawalawa lahh tu :p
haha :D we watched Narnia the Voyage of The Dawn Treader :D super freaking awesome <33 n im in <3 with Edmund ! bahaha xD sooo longg RobPat :p was awesome seriously ! u better catch up with it while its in cinema :) but i miss Peter n Susan :) the siblings of Lucy n Edmund ! their scene were  too short indeed ONE scene ONLY in this movie..

susan :D

peter  :DD
but then they've insert this newbies in Narnia which is Eustace ...

eustace :D

he's the cousin of lucy n edmund..he cant seem to believe in Narnia but then he discovers that Narnia was Narnia he was changed into a Dragon n he seemed to enjoy it :) he believes in Narnia at last :)
then another character which i found cute enough was this little cute rat :) which is Reephicheep :) aww he's awesome n heroic :p bahaha 

cute kann XD

and this the one ! this is the one ! xoxo :)  

bye robert pattinson :p

haha ! he could be annoying through this movie sometimes but then .... he's cool n sme goes to prince caspian :) ur hair xoxo ! ahaha

ngee :D

n this girl ! full of spirit n she's hot !
ngeeee xD

  haha i reached the end of this post :) to those who havent watch this go n buy a ticket now ! goo ! :D

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