Back In Time ;)

assalamualaikum :) it seems this post is my second post for today..i dunno why,but im using the chance of "while it last" because next year im aint gonna post much =.= haha topic for this post ? hmmm.. ahaa ! i miss this ! look down lahh =.='

haha xD

haaa ? weird .. i know i'll find people babbling like "lahh lama nyeee lahh aku x bkak bnda ni" or "boring lahh bnda ni" or "aku dah lupa pun password aku" haha or maybe "aku pnah ada ke tak haa bnda ni" actually..pity to them who create this thing :( pnatt die buat susah susah :p haha ive logged in my friendster just about u guys ? pglahh update skali setahun yea ? haha sooo long friendster ! u've been defeated by this !

why ? pelik ? haha 
okay .. this is the real one..

heee ;) see the different with the above one ?

sorylahh babe :) u lose !
most probably u guys would say this 

haha !

n will say go FACEBOOK !

cngrates mrk zckrbrg ;) here we could conclude how time flies as well as the development of our surroundings n ourselves :) new year is coming soon so do fulfill all ur wishes that u've made in early 2010 ;) till then

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