Lovely Nurul Aiman Hazaruddin :)

assalamualaikum :D haa ? weird ? with what ? the tittle ? haha..nahh~this tittle is related to this freaking little cute sister of mine ;)

i love this pic the most <3 cause its natural ;)

okay..back ! yes..of sudden i wrote about her.its because i think we havent connect for a longlong time isnt we ? to be short,call her eman ;) i know her since she entered SEMESTA ...keep usha-ing her n fuhh ! one day i brave myself to talk to her.its akward.but then i keep talking to her n one finally day :) wee ! she became my my other sisters,i do love u guys but eman is the 1st to became my she lagi lama with me ;) yg laen jgn kcik hati ye ? ada time akak post pasal korg plak ;) thenthenthen ! she gave me ikan paten ! ^^ lol ! its my favourte food.and many other things ..haha i love her so much n i cant imagine if i lose her :') since i anak tunggal n tade adek or any other siblings ! to end this post ;

akak pnat google bnda ni ;P
till then <3 ;)


  1. sys :) thnx wrote about me ! OMG ! u make me crying laa T_T .. tgisn kegmbiraan .. thnx a lot ! love 2 so muccchhh !!!!<3

  2. hahaha :DD heee :)) lepaklepak ;) yeah ! ily too <3 !


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