Narnia The Voyage of The Dawn Treader :)

this is it <3 :DD
xoxo !

assalamualaikum :) today ive went to catch a movie with this girl nearby my home :)

senyum lawalawa lahh tu :p
haha :D we watched Narnia the Voyage of The Dawn Treader :D super freaking awesome <33 n im in <3 with Edmund ! bahaha xD sooo longg RobPat :p was awesome seriously ! u better catch up with it while its in cinema :) but i miss Peter n Susan :) the siblings of Lucy n Edmund ! their scene were  too short indeed ONE scene ONLY in this movie..

susan :D

peter  :DD
but then they've insert this newbies in Narnia which is Eustace ...

eustace :D

he's the cousin of lucy n edmund..he cant seem to believe in Narnia but then he discovers that Narnia was Narnia he was changed into a Dragon n he seemed to enjoy it :) he believes in Narnia at last :)
then another character which i found cute enough was this little cute rat :) which is Reephicheep :) aww he's awesome n heroic :p bahaha 

cute kann XD

and this the one ! this is the one ! xoxo :)  

bye robert pattinson :p

haha ! he could be annoying through this movie sometimes but then .... he's cool n sme goes to prince caspian :) ur hair xoxo ! ahaha

ngee :D

n this girl ! full of spirit n she's hot !
ngeeee xD

  haha i reached the end of this post :) to those who havent watch this go n buy a ticket now ! goo ! :D

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