Nothing Much But Just Want to Get This Blog Updated :)

Assalamualaikum ? more likely there's only left 2 weeks plus minus for me to stay in KL :) later,i'll be back in raub again =.=' now i dont feel like going back.but im sure i'll get excited n happy to be there later on . amin :) i'm actually excited n happy to be in 3 al-biruni.but to be frank i miss my 2 al-biruni more :'( lagi,peoples i love are gone like kak deea kak tasha kak bayu kak ima kak umie n many other n haiqal :( i cant imagine how will school would be like without u guys <3 :(( never mind,life must go on and i couldnt expect for u guys to stay there forever kan ? :D then,i'll miss this blog..about once a month only i can update this blog like seriously.then FB ! ouhh man -,- lagilah rindu .. n my parents cousins n " ;) " <3 heee ~:'( i'll miss u guys when im in raub but do pray for my success ! my hworks now are most likely 90% done ;) 10 % for maths <3 ! n 10 % for my science i do love science but its hard enough =.=' seriously ! haha i hope for an A for all 8 subjects insyaallah :)

haha xD

then people will be like this .....

bahahaha ;)

then people will like do me THIS ! 

amin ;)

sooo here's a couple of advices n pictures that i found interesting for U n I ;)

hee xD

if a teddy bear can do it why cant us ;)

its true :)

pmr xoxo

choose the left one instead of right ;)

anddd !

truetruetrue ! ;)
okay..till then for this post :) love ya ;)


  1. sc simple je dik...
    jgn takut2 ye....
    plus akk akn slalu doa tuk kjyaan adik...
    dpt byk A t kite merewang nak..
    jgn maen2...blaja btul..
    nk pmr da...
    mknenye da bsau...!!!bkn bdk2 ag...ok...
    luv...akk cute...lalallala

  2. haha okay thx ! okayy..doakan elin nyer straight A nnti kita merewang ;) amin .. akak pun..blaja elok2 :DD aminnn~

  3. AMIN....!!!
    merewang mane pon xksah...!!
    tgk la movie byk mne pon...smpai muntah pon xpe....


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