Pretty Please ? Can I Watch This Mum ?

hah ! i badly wanna watch this ! this n this ! but its hardly to ask permission from my mum =.=' since last week i've watched narnia ! i should have watch this week ! okay..actually,i BADLY wanna watch TRON LEGACY ... but the problems is

1st. Ive went for a movie last week so it isnt necessary for me to watch movie AGAIN this week -.- that's what my mum said

2nd. is no one can teman me and im looking for a GIRL  :/ dush ! haiyooo =.='

but tapelahh i wont stop convincing my mum :DD weee! mak nak tgk jgkkkkkk ! haaha

this is the one !

i wanna get one of this ;p


badly wanna watch =.='

till then :) <3 !


    makngah dont eva2 giv her permission to watch this movie...!!!hahahahahahhahha.....
    ask her to blaja....!!!dont play2 hah...

  2. noooo wayy ;) kasilahh elin tgk :'( nnti nex year dh pmr ! huhu


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