Get well soon abah ! Adios my WLY 9881 :'( im gonna miss you ! no more perdana v6 !

hoo mann.i've been with this car for soooo many years.*i tau u byk ragam sblm u mati.igt tak rosak dkt highway time otw to semesta.rosak on the last day im in semesta.sbb tu i dpt rase khilangan u wahai kereta* =___=' i miss you.many people knew bout what am i talking about.y did i lost my car ? to those who doesnt know,last thursday my dad had an accident so thts y we lost our car :( but nevmind.abah's safety is much more precious than a car :) get well soon abah <3 :D

so this is how my car looks like :(

badly damaged :(

auchh.i undestand ur grief car :(

i love you WLY 9881 ! <33333333333333

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