The Un-sabar-ness and Tensed Feelings That Conquered Semestarians ;)

ahaaa :) semesta bertaraf dunia 2012 ;)

i tau i smgt ! ;D cheers for semesta ! haha

 so that's our motion for today ! so im as the 3rd speaker of the government site are given a task to...... *cop ! tukar mode.back to a normal person* :) ahaa ! assalamualaikum ! heee,jealous semua org i blik every week ^^ bluekkk :p gahaaha due to today's topic n my intro for today's post,people could have slightly think " apelahh minah ni bebelkan ?" sooo ni haa aku nak explain =.=' hang sabar boleh dak ? =.=' as for 2011 ! tuan haji kamaruddin bin haji kassim our beloved principal have given a veryvery HUGE task for ALL the students in our school.cukup utk buat kami NAIK GILA kann ? tapitapi ! we wont make him down. i could see the hardworks of the students in semesta CLEARLY  ! in example ;

cricket ! ;
*speechless* gila ahh.1st week dah practise kot ! must have been cool enough and better ths year compared to previous year ! aminnnn :) *gelap dahh muka bdk semesta* ;p best of luck !

basketball and netball ! ;
*pun speechless* i can only see my batch girls in kolah yesterday (kann kita samasama mndi lmbat) yg laen i tak tgk :p though korg bru practise but i could see the sunburn yg korg kna ! gila ambik sunblock dlm locker akuhh ! ;D haha.goodluck basketball n netball ! :DDDD

haaaaaaaa >.< debate debate debate debate debate ! :DDDDDDDDDDD

my dearest teammate <3 xoxo ! we'll be going to practise like superduper hard starting next week insyaAllah.we wont make any mistakes like we've done last year ! promise ! ;D no handphones wasting time anymore.unlike last year.we're not ready yet at tht time.but.this year insyaAllah we'll do the best.since maybe its not going to be our niche area anymore since we''ll maybe be getting those there'll be no more MONEY sponsored by year kak adie wiil be outta school T.T .so this year kna ada laporan pasal dbate dkt dewan besar ;D and now we've discussed about the practises that will be held.though extra classes and TONNES of hworks were given but still i dont care.i'll get it stble with dbate ;) sooo do pray for us in this upcoming dungun ZT :) aminn !

eheeeyyy ? aku tak lupa batch lahh ! TIME <3 !

ahaha.yes. i do feel wat u guys felt ! tido malam  ? sejam dua je kan ? kelas ? hwork byk ? korg tayah ckp ahh.tapi kan ? ini utk 100 % tuu jgk kan ? so we do chnge ourselves to be a better person and make semesta proud of us.especially c.shahdan sblm dia blik KEDAH :) kasi semua naik pentas ehh 23/12/2011 nnti ! :DDD nnti aku buat countdown lagi brapa harii nak pmr :D *4th october ! bday bedu ! hahaha.ksian kau.pmr dohh*

ironinya a.k.a intiharnya *ceh.ayat over habes* haha to conclude JOM BUAT GEMPAK SEMESTA  ;) assalamualaikum ! :DD cheers ;DD

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