Loves :)

nisaaaaa ! imysm ;) words cant describe how loved am i to u ! aku nak jumpa kaulahhh <3 ! kau janji dtg kat skola macam hari tuhh ohkayy :)

nisa <3 ! 
p/s aku kol kau bila free je eyh ? :DD

The Chicks Around Me !

kalian.mereka.everything else or should i say DORMMATE ! this year is the year i could feel the rapat-ness between us tau ! so lemme introduce em to YOU !

Nurul Azni Atiqah a.k.a Azad <333

kecikkkk :DDD
she's boy-ish ! seldomly smile ! haha.but this year endang called her GEDIK cause she tibetibe girl-ish.kau okay azad ? kau comel lah.jgn besar" dah tauu ! kcik mcm ni pun cute ! haha

next is..

Nur Atiqah Adam a.k.a Qiu ! <3333

aku tade gmba kau ! so sorry :) she sounds like a girl which will be going to enter a PRE-SCHOOL ! amtamat tidak ke-matang-an ! haha.dormmate n bedmate smpai end shool yaww <3 !

and last but not least ! a new incomer :) Endang Amrin a.k.a Hairiend ! :))

wallaweyy ! u can call her gadis si mitos haram ! hiperbola btul kau tau ! tahap imaginasi kau bile gabung ngan aku yg sedia maklum bising mmg gegar ahh dorm ! ahhaa.buku geog jadi galaxia kau tuka enn ! aku syg kau n *psst pssst ! boo hairie :p haha

so thats all :) dormmate aku SAYANG korg !

lawa enn ;DD haha

Back in Town ;)

Assalamualaikum ! huh ! whole lots of tensed being in school.for the last additional class yesterday which is BI, i barely concentrate on my works.we have to do pmr paper for 2009.45 mins given.the paper was done in between 20 mis and for the rest of the time i spent my time by dreaming about what should i do during this holidays.i know it might be short but who cares kan ? asal i free dri juvenille tuhh ! haha.then i wrote on a peace of paper about the plan.a whole test pad *dpan blakang tuhh* :DDDD but then it should be shorten as holidays are not that long :) so till then for my post for this topic ;) will be updated on next post :DDDD toodles ;D

homiessss xD

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