Back in Town ;)

Assalamualaikum ! huh ! whole lots of tensed being in school.for the last additional class yesterday which is BI, i barely concentrate on my works.we have to do pmr paper for 2009.45 mins given.the paper was done in between 20 mis and for the rest of the time i spent my time by dreaming about what should i do during this holidays.i know it might be short but who cares kan ? asal i free dri juvenille tuhh ! haha.then i wrote on a peace of paper about the plan.a whole test pad *dpan blakang tuhh* :DDDD but then it should be shorten as holidays are not that long :) so till then for my post for this topic ;) will be updated on next post :DDDD toodles ;D

homiessss xD

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