Good Evening !

assalamualaikum ! again for today's post ! haha.nthng much to tell.just now,as abah planned we *refers to family* went to some cars showroom.we lost our car during accident on january so we were about to buy a new one.we went twice dah just to usha the car.but fiuh,this time abah have made his decision.dont want to mention here which car but insyaallah we'll be getting  a new car just aroud the corner :D yippeee *un-maturedness* haha.then we went for lunch.after lunch HOME ! pnat =.=' blik,do some homeworks then,nahh,today byk towards fb-ing,blogging and dwnload-ing.malam baru ada spirit to continue with those hmeworks :) haa ! plus,me and miss ADLINA AZMAN were addicted to this song > Ku Menanti by Nikita Willy ! <3
.its cool ! try to listen to it <3 so,till then.toodles ! ;)

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