It've Been So Long :)

assalamualaikum ! haha :) im back for about 1 week plusplus laa kan ? i dont have much to talk though.instead i just wanna get this blog updated :) soo let me write about wht's top in my music player in my phne now :) haha *gila tade topik dah izleen ni sbb tuu mgarut*

1) hero-enrique iglesias ;) thnk uu awak <3

this song mmg suitlaa dkt org ANGAU kat luar tuu ! haha.butbut,angau" pun jgn lupa ur duty to Allah n ur studies kankankan ?

2)e-t (futuristic lover)-katy perry ! thnk uu flyfm chart !

this song i found it in flyfm website at40(american top40) chart.that's my hobby when im bored ;) downloading songs ! :DDD

3)sedetik lebih-anuar zain ! thnk uu adlina azman :)

this song pulak adlina azman syg introduce it to me dkt skola.when she sang this song mmglaa ta sdp.suara tak mcm anuar zain kan ? haha.but then once i found it in youtube fuhh.obsessed till now ! haha

4)i'm coming home-j.cole ! flyfm again :)

haha.this song i kept singing it when im in my school which is semesta si SBT ituu ;) haha.a day bfore blik i'll sing this ! muahaha xD

last but not least,

5)i do-colbie callait ~ flyfm againn !

haha.i loikeeeeeee this song like soooo much ! comel gilaa ! haha.

till then ! gtg ! mandiii :) assalamualaikum readers !

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