pssstt ! come and look at this entry ! ;)

assalamualaikum ! second post for today ;) topic is about BAIM WONG ! wootwoot ! *adlina azman dilarang secara KERAS utk membaca entry ini sbb die CUKUP benci ini actor =.=' sila tutp blog ini kalau kau baca lina.buat berasap kepala kau je nnti ;) haa.this actor ;

baim wong :)

hee :D all of his story *not all but most of it* i'll make sure i watch it ! none of the episodes i'll miss ! kalau miss pun catch up balik kat youtube ! bhaha xD ngee :D kalau haiqal post pasal actress indonesian,biar adek die buat actor pulak ! :D watching indonesian sinetrone,it apparently corrupted my bahasa jiwa bgsa which is bm.i barely differentiate bm n indon saya masih fasih bm okay ! cuma exam saya kantoi sikit je ! 3 markah je kot T.T hah,past is past :) haha. its better to get addicted to indon rather korea.dhla tak phm.nama plik pulak tuu =.=' tgk ni,kan pndek jee nama die ;) haha. 

till then my post for today.dont get shock,i can sit all the day watching tv just to watch him in the sinetrone ;) haha !

p/s kalau kau tgkla post aku ni baim wong,pndai"laa dtg malaysia ! haha

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