when boredoom strucks both of us :)

assalamualaikum ! went to midvalley just now :) total ! total exhausted day =.=' but i enjoyed my pleasure moment with my cute little petite cousin miss fatin ;)

kak atin ;)

firstly my point to go here was ;

1) ronggeng tgk wayang.hikayat merong mahawangsa ! n i think i fell for the hero <3 bhaha xD plus the song *anuar zain's* heee <3

2) mmg i miss her badly T.T kan kak atin ;)

3) i want to buy presents for my friends bday ;) naseb baik jumpa :DDDD 

then after we wtched the movie...p/s thumbs up KRU ! tak rugi 12 ringgit aku ;) haha.we dont habe much money though.adlah sikit je punn =.=' then we find to go to the KIDS ZONE is pretty cool (ala.yg korg bayar dpt token then merayaplaa main mnde pun korg nak) haa ! tht one ;) we relesed our tense there ! :DD totally enjoy.to picturise it,tgk jelaa pics bwh ni ;)

3 ringgit habis sini xD

mana nak kalah =.='

wee :D

mals main :p

lalalala xD

main kotor XD


excited ! ;)

soo till then.gtg.semesta ;) *pfft* pmr ! pmr ! weeee xD assalamualaikum !

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