Sarah Qistina ;)

assalamualaikum ! hee xD topic for today ;

sarah qistina <3
about THIS girl a.k.a my niece ;) i repeat my NIECE ! yea,im a what ? *matured kann* bhaha xD

okay.about this PRETTAY girl.she's soo freaking clever n cute >.< she can speak both english and malay as well fluently though she's still in kindergaten.i received call from her sister named layla aqeela we had a long conversation about sarah.she said sarah had a few changes in herself now and i felt like falling off my chair when i heard about for examples ;

1) she wanted to CHANGE HER NAME from sarah qistina to LAYLA QISTINA BARBIE or some sort like that tapi WAJIB ada BARBIE ! adess.sarah.whaddup kiddo ? princess wannabe dah you.haha xD come lah ! >.<

2) always being redundant by saying SARAH NI COMEL LAH towards herself and everyone =.=' u mmgla comel.but kenapa now suka ckp mcm tu sarah ? pelik laa.haha.yea,no doubt.ur cute :D

3) she likes pink A LOT  NOW ! ever since before this she doesnt like pink thAt much.even she wears HEELS to her kindergaten now =.=' *sarah hoyy.aunty leen till now mana pnah pkai heels.haha.

4) hoo man :O sarah ada BOYFRIEND ! nme RAFIQ.pheww,ur not even SIX and u had ONE already ? haha.and she keep telling about her bf to evryone in the house.*whispering.she even know about her bf's perfume ! wow,ben10's perfume tuuu.huaaa.comel gila ! haha.but on the bright side,she doesnt hide about her bf.instead,she tells EVERYONE ! and not leaving a single fact about rafiq ! haha

*truth is sarah,aunty leen misses u so much :'( n others too ! i miss my niece n nephew ! 

muaz and iman :)

layla aqeela,lutfan haziq,luqman misyari and sarah qistina :)

lots of love ; aunty leen ! xoxo 

p/s abg eddy.ileen curi gmba dri ur album ;) arigato abg eddy ! :DD

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