Jogging Makes Us Healthy ;) psst *and KURUS ^^

assalamualaikum :) today's activity ;

pagi-woke up early and do my prayers :)

then,continue with my daily routine ! J-O-G-G-I-N-G :DD

andandand :) today other than my mum came along to jog with me,my COUSIN went along ^^

so this was wht hppened just now in the park :)

backside of her xD

lalala xD


my shoelace laa =='

back off ! *evil laugh

usha uncle tua kerepot ;p

heh =='

curi mine ! -.-

lepas tu nak mkn pulak my mp3 =='cess !

shocked with the newspaper :O

rather than writing PANJANGPANJANG pasal those activities,its better for me to post the pictures.yea,pictures describes better than words :) till then ;) wait ! im done with thse homeworks tau ! ^^ weee~

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