Malaysians do love our lingua franca ;) *bahasa malaysia :)

Assalamualaikum readers :) fuhh.after for 1 month plusminus at last i had the chance to continue and start blogging again.*biasalah,pmr tuu :) pmr je PUNN ?! haha.let it as i woke up early in the morning yesterday as abah got back from surau after subuh prayers,as usual i'll grab the newspaper from his hand and flip through it and READ it or course :) i was attracted by this article saying "THEY LOVE THEIR OWN LANGUAGE" or some sort of like that.* it stated there that when our ministry of education ; tan sri muhyiddin yassin 

 frankly,he's handsome xD

was attending a meeting i guess and he was visiting a vocational school in copenhagen.he wants malaysia to learn from europe's experience in the field of technical and vocational education in implementing educational transformation to revamp the country's system of vocational study.during his visiting there he was asked by one of the minister's from other country "dont you love your own language?"  due to muhyiddin itself were presenting his speech during meeting in english instead of malay.people,basicly you would say that " kalau ckp bm maunye negara lain phm?" but then,we could clearly see that some of the other country's minister were presenting speech in their own isnt because they dont know how to speak in english ,but its a matter of letting their own language as the main language instead of english.we could also discover that in japan itself,mostly,majoritily,most of them there dont bother to learn i think getting expert in english isnt a MUST in malaysia.sekadar tahu basic dahla.kalau nak tape,tanak pun tayah wajib sgtlaa kan ? plus we should let bahasa malaysia remain as our main language.we could clearly see that malaysians are getting the wrong concept of using english.for example,a student with a qualification to get a job but they aren't good in english will be put aside as english is the company's priority.malaysians have to change their mentality.tak semestinya pndai english dpt job tinggi melambung,org kaya jee KENA EXPERT gila dlm english.with this i conclude that bahasa malaysia should be used wisely and widely in our country itself and harus dimartabatkan semula :) how ? easy ^^ one of the step is....

org malaysia kalau pg negara org lain tak perlulah nak berloghat sprti merekamereka di sana like ;

a man in indonesia wants to ask for directory from one of the indonesians must speak like this ;

"boleh saya tahu tempat ini terletak di mana?" .. instead of :

"bisa bgtau saya mana bgunan ini terletak ya buk?" 

why people why ? =.=' 

yea i admit myself pun mainly writing here in english :) nevermind.kita sama" martabatkan our bahasa again and dont let down our languange as bahasa kitalah yang menyatukan malaysia *mcm lyriclagu bahasa jiwa bgsa .haha :) duludulu we could see when zaman kegemilangan melaka itself,bahasa malaysialah yang menjadi lingua franca :) see ? bm cool lah weh ! maju bm ! wootwoot :) 

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