Next Month =='


In school there will be no longer ;

1) candy ! 

how the heck am i gonna survive during class without it ? =.='

2) Preserved food !

pg kantin nak beli ape weyh ?!

3) Food with artificial flavour !

okay,i guess student bole mati kebulur nnti -.-

4) Processed food like burgers and nuggets !

hah ? tamau skola *muka merajuk gila !

5) carbonated drinks !

bagus,koperasi sekola jual mineral water SAHAJA lah then ?

mann ? how-the-heck am i gonna survive.alrite then,the canteen HAVE to get ready with a better foods and drinks like ;

rendang,lontong,spagghetti,curry puff,doughnuts,mocca,orange juice,and other foods and drinks ACCORDING TO US ! THE STUDENT ! tak kira ! hukhuk T.T what happen to malaysia man ? i guess this plan were made due to them who were suffering from is one way to preserbe from this obesity cases from increasing.tapelah then.we understand you people :) I WILL TRY to push myself to accept this =.=' amin~

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