Delayed Post WSC Day 2 and 3 !

assalamualaikum !  wow,on wednesday was the most fun debating comp i hve ever been to! we won 2 out of 3 matches :DDD alhamdulilah.seriously,as they said, we would feel exhausted,yea we felt tht.but our excited and happy feelings upcme those negative feelings.haha.and there's this part i would love to think of and remember ;) when our THIRD match there's ata came along wih farris as well ;) well,we felt like okay.ada org support.but the motion was like sooo freaking weird and with our cndition without dictionaries ! wow,we won ^^

so here came the BEST-EST part ;) haha.

when i had a first unofficial date with *cant be written here* for the one who taktau whose this GUY nope,sorry u wont see his name here as i wont publish it to everyone :) private dahlaa kankankan ^^

we dont talk much PUN ! =='

but instead we LAUGHED much !
*my cheek pun kejang dah time tuu.

i dont know how to even thank u.sanggup blik thursday instead wednesday just to teman me.heee,gracias ;) i love you.seriously.

then the 3rd day went well.nthng much pun sbb awards byk given i wont babble much but WE ARE GOING FOR GLOBAL ROUND ^^ so doo pray for us to enter this FANTASTIC and AWESOME  WORLD SCHOLARS CUP :) 

haha xD

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