The Nervous-ness ran through my adrenaline ==' people knew veryvery well,im back from perak already,it was a FANN-TAHH-STIC moment with em <3 ouh,imy guys already :') haha.well,bck to topic how time flew so fast,and im abt to go for WSC already* second boyfiee <3 first AA ^^ haha.gahh,nervous,cuak,seram,semua pun ada ahh ! haha.well,wish me luck guys :) i'll most probably have fun only mght be my last dbte for ths year,*pmr weyh ! haha.btw,i get my head stuck with THESE songs already ;

thank god i found you - mariah carey *ehemm.<3 ^^

boy like you - kesha

last friday night - katy perry 

on my mind - cody simpson

the script - the man who cant be moved 

okay done for now :) toodles !

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