She Is Still Having A Very Nice Voice :)

her ^^<

jyeah.Siti Nurhaliza ! remember her ? suddenly while im working up my homework *still dong it laa people.byk nak mampuss. gahh,i teringatkan went  to search for her in youtube and i scrolled my mouse________ dang ! found this song *the above one ! yet,she still have a very nice voice *almaklumlaa.she kan da tak popular.duhh ? who cares,and siti u should be proud ! saya yg lame ini dah ter-addicted with your song.mmg LEYY-MM *LAME*.lagu ni released duakosongkosongsembilan kot *2009* ceyh,again who cares ? hah *mengarut rather than dgr lagu lady gaga yg ENTAH HAPEHAPE tuu,its better to tune up to this song :) wayyy cooler than leyy-dee-gaa-gaa 's SONGS ! (i know the way i combined the colours for those "leyy-dee-gaa-gaa"'s word SUCKS ! and people,that shows how I HATE HER and HOW UGLY and CORRUPTED are her songs ! =='

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