Elin The Bijak One :D

Assalamualaikum :) naah,im aint talking abt tigerwood's wife (as her name is elin) elin is my nickname :) for family ! heee,today i went out for lunch with my parents.as we had our lunch,of course we had a very-the-long conversation :) 

conversation ;

parents ; elin,pmr is around the corner.trial pun around the corner dah.tinggal tunggu nak pusing je,dah smpai corner ==' (apakah?)

elin, ; yes mak,abah.tp pmr susahhhh T.T

parents ; elin,do u knw tht to compliment yourself is a doa.so do think positive abt yourself always and put up a high effort.debate boleh,takkan pmr tak boleh !

*the rest conversation is privetto* ngeheee xD

so starting today onwards do compliment ourself because if we didnt do it , who else weyh ?

konklusinya ; NUR IZLEEN IS VERY-THE-BIJAK one :)

doakan my trial babes :)

izleen the pretty one xD
bhaha !
okay,itu bukan cmpliment izleen oi ==' itu PERASAN ! haha.whateverlaaa :p

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