Gracias to all of you ;')

14th August was the day i turned officially fifteen.Dang ! pmr dah dkt ==' superduper dkt ==' well,its my habit now to spend the rest of my day and night in naylee's dorm.we have a study group,her,lina,vicky and penyu.or should i say a "cant-keep-quiet-students" study group ? nahh,ignore it.when it was nearly 14th august *midnght*i expected them wishing me for my bday. huh,sape taknak ter-tunggu-tunggu kan ? HARI TUA kott ==' haha.but then it ws almost 12.30 annndddd nah,none of em wishes me.sedeh kot kalian buat aku begitu ==' cess,despite all of tht ACTING-NOT-WISHING-MY-BIRTHDAY scenes,instead they've planned earlier to celebrate my bday,to make it short,by the end of the celebration myself were covered with powders,flour,sprays and they even try to bring the MOP near my face *sumpah kejam korg tak tipu ouh* they brought me for a walk in our hostels around 1.30 am. and i have to take showers to get myself clean back ! freaking cold.but babes,i thank u guys for putting too much effort to celebrate my one could replace a great friend as u guys in my entire you guys xoxo and not  to forget the others who wished my bday and gave me presents-
anas-a very great present u gave took only a day to read tht book.haha.and first time ever,im writing it HERE *in this blog to be exact*
i love you man :)
syefaa-wow,crabtree and evelyn stuffs ? wuish,i dahla tak-berapa-layan tht stuffs but still thnks love :) ily syfaa :D
ezzah,a nice keychian dear ;) i'll keep it okay ?
eman-angry birds ? haha.i'll keep it too :)
k.aaina-u made my stomach soo full by eating the kitkat in the middle of the night.haha.sedap ouh (Y)
k.adie-a very nice souvenir u gave :')
kak nicole-wow,a great card and,jyeah we cant watched the final battle between werewolves and vampires together as u have to attend the exam,but yeah,sme other time pun bolehh what ? haha.i appreciate u and i mmg anggap u as my elder sistaa pun tauu ? ^^
isaac-hee,nice card bro ! thnks for sticking wth me as my bestfriend since last year :)
and others too ! i appreciate your wishes and effort to remember my birthday ;) thnks a lot <3 !

ouh.and vicky,lina and penyu made a HUGE card for me ! im suprised :o thnks again !

likelikelike :D

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