Ceramah Hari Wanita

ehemehem :) okay,assalamualaikum.so,im bored,jyeah,fuckingly bored. so let me tell a story about HARI KESIHATAN WANITA tht was held BOREDLY in raub recently.i repeat--> B-O-R-E-D-L-Y. there was a talk by Datin Seri Ng Yen Yen. mak aih,bpkla lamanya ==' and its boring !*how many times should i say to express my sleepiness when im listening to her speech.so,despite of those boredom that strucks me,i listen to my mp3 instead.then bila dia dtg dekat mula menggelabah :p lalala,who cares ? i hate malaysian poiliticians when they talk.everything that they promised is a LIE,okay people ! tak kisahla pmbgkang ke,bn ke.dont believe them.ceh,kena tgkap pulak aku ni nanti :O  then lepas the talk about POLITICS *it should be about woman's health actually.i dont know how it menyimpang pun into politics.ng yen yen,ng yen yen ==' back,we,the students who attend the talk took some photograph.well,thnks to adlina azman.the newborn photographer for all the photos.here are some of it ,

this is DATIN SERI NG YEN YEN people *clapclap*

half of TIME heroins :)

sempatt ==

haha xD
                               and guess wht ? i won a luck draw.how lucky am i ==' haha.

seeeeeeee ? ^^V
the end :)

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