assalamualaikum :) so,yesterday 27102010,i went to klcc with izzati.a friend of mine.an old friend.nonono,she's still young,and kekal cun smpai now but she's a friend of mine since standard 3.i think.jyeah,standard three :D actually we suppose to have a small reunion in klcc.plan bagai......but ! it turns out,the others have other affairs that they should prioritise more than us :( tapelah,tade rezeki.so izzati was the one who sanggup teman me to watch movie ^^V we watched IN TIME ! coolio man (Y) haha *but still cant beat real steel ^^ its about a place which there the citizens are overloaded.fiuh,so to decrease the population,they change the currency from MONEY to TIME ! weirdddd ==' so the rich ones are immortal and the poor one tata ! DIE  ==' kesian them.watch it ! justin timberlake is hot yaw ! im so freaking-jealous with amanda seyfield ==' the heroin ! so,till then ! :D


ape salahnya berangan nak masuk ye dok ? :D haha
ouh,i hate em.kecoh sungguh mereka
*jealousy is soo not included here okay ! =='

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