Listening to Music Ain't a Mistake :)

i cant get rid of musics 

assalamualaikum :) well,based on  the tittle of the post,jyeah,im sure tht most of you love listening to music aite ? so,it aint,songs or whatever related ==' teaches a lot.i'll list some but im pretty sure that most of you  knew about it earlier.but,let me add more :D enjoy reading !

The Script taught us that heartbreaks are never easy; they will always hurt but you just have to move on.
Biggie taught us dreams can come true, the sky is the limit.Eminem taught us music isn't all about sex and money, it's about life, that life is hard but you can make it through, and that no matter how hard things seem, life goes on.Niki Minaj taught usnot to give a f**k what people say, to express the way we feel, to have our own style and to damn well know a girl can do anything a guy can.Ke$ha taught us how to party, tobe ourselves, and not care what anyone else thinks.Taylor Swift taught us to go for the one's we love but that not every guy/girl is going to treat us right, and if that happens she taught us how to deal with a broken heart. Bruno Mars taught us that not all guys are terrible, and to do anything for the person you love. P!nk taught us that we are perfect, in every way.Lady Gaga taught us that it’s ok to be different and we all have a crazy side, & we need to embrace it.Michael Jackson taught me to always love the people around me because love will always conquer hate.Miley Cyrus taught us that we just have to live life no matter how hard and secretive it gets.Travie Mccoy taught us to live life and to be generous.Bob Marley taught us how to live our lives in peace.Diddy taught us to reach for the stars.Black Eyed Pees taught us to have a good time.Journey taught us to never stop believing.Sara Barellis taught us that what I do with my life is up to me.Martina McBride taught us to hold onto our innocence.Carrie Underwood taught us to make sure boys treat us right.Nickelback taught us to hold on to the memories.Kris Allen taught us to live like it was our last day.Christina Aguilera taught us that we’re beautiful no matter what others may say.Taio Cruz taught us that sometimes it's okay to let go.The Ready Set taught us that love can be confusing.Green day taught us that the government’s going fail someday.30 Seconds to Mars taught us to speak what's on our minds.All Time Low taught us to have fun and not live our lives for other people.Hayley Williams taught us to dream.Justin Bieber taught us to live our dreams despite what hatters may say.The Jonas Brothers taught us that you don't have to have sex and do drugs to have friends.Simple Plan taught us that we all feel worthless sometimes.Rihanna taught us that we all tend to fall for the ones that hurt us.Demi Lavato taught us no matter how strong we may look; we all struggle.Avril taught us we have to let go and be crazy sometimes.Britney Spears taught us that you can mess up more than once and still regret it, and that people could hold it against you.Iyaz taught us that after breakups the one we lost will always reply in our head.

i found it in google just's cool huh ? not cool ? whatever ==' so,listening to musics aint wrong,u just have to look out the suitable genre that suites u and ur condition.and dont get so obsessed to the singers ==' lame much :p haha.till then,

this is weird o.O

im sorrayy anas ! ^^V

hoho ^__^

okay,my head is spinning around.urs ?

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