PMR is so over ;)

together in making excellent 0913

and in a minute,

after the exam :D

we're aint a pmr candidate anymore.10th of octo,the date :') we're free from all the tense for facing the examination ; pmr.well,its quite a tense but not as much as spm candidate.obviously,spm is harder and way much important.i felt this weird feelings after pmr.honestly ;

i miss extra classes

i miss TIME-ians sitting together in the hall ;')

i miss my teachers

well,its a minute we wished that PMR is over,and yet later,damn i want it back ;P after this,semesta is going to get heated back by us TIME-ians making noises,chaos here and there,anywhere, i wish we can do tht.we'll just wait for the right now,its a very dull programme being held.random talks.blablabla.boring.and i hate i wish tht we can held an interesting event in schl later ;) toodles !

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