Primary's Memory

wahh,the tittle rhymes :D okay,a bit doesnt ? okay,whatever ==' assalamualaikum today im going to write abt my primary schl memories.wahh,i miss those times.when im still still *blank-here-and-there* so as im pretty bored today,i came up with the idea of visiting my old friends fb profile.jyeah,i found them.they were in my fb friend list actually.*im busy this year,so i dont even have the time to say "hye" to them :p okay, i found those pictures of em *later i'll show it to you* and my response is,great news.they are all still together.means,i still have the chance to meet all of em.u guys,i miss US ! a lot can i ? :'( can i meet with all of you ? can i still talk you ? can i still be accepted.damn SBP,make me apart from them.*ceh,sekolah kau juga izleen ==' so let us planned to meet together yeah ? damn it i want to meet with you guys :D puhhleasee ? :D i still remember ;
izzati *kita mana penah lupa kan ? :)
anis *jyeah,chatterbox kaula penyebab aku igt kau
and others.aku igt korg tapi pnjg nnti list ni.
so i'll end my post with "aku like every of your pictures,kawan" ! haha.and time aku stalk profile anis,aku nmpak boyfie mai.uuu,style la mai.haha.

p/s these are those pictures ;

see ? them :D

jyeah,korg :')

anis and ain are way much HOT-ter now (Y)

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