there's something to be conclude aite ?

kind vs evil  (!)

this pictures was taken at ikano shopping center.
conclusion is the left one is very-semangat-upper-form and the right one is so-dont-care-about-future.
well,its a just a random stupid stuffs we've done yesterday during our outing.first we went to BORDERS.i want to complete my nilam there.then we went to Cathay Cineplex to watch movie.we watched JOHNY ENGLISH REBORN.it was a superfuckinghillarious movie by rowan atkinson.we burst out laughing since the movie really started.and i think we're the only who LAUGH OUT VERY LOUD err,like we care ? we paid for the ticket.haha.then we went to popular at IKANO as i want to find novel for qiu.there when im looking for the novel,i feel like a stupid person looking for an ant because ive never been to the malay novels section :p i hate malay novels.==' so nayl took over my place. thnks naylee ;)  so we end up our day at curve at 8.30 pm.before tht i accompanied her for dinner at coffee bean.so overall,it was a tiring day heck,it was a cheerful day.thnks for making me up again :D ily naylee >.< aww :p

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