This Is How I Spent My Weekend :)

again,for today's post :) last sat and sun i spent my days in serenia garden.abg mir's during sunday evening me,ekin,(my cousin),hanna(my niece) and kak ina (my cousin) went to ioi mall in so faaaaaar kaan ? mcm other side of the world :p hehe,never mind,i still enjoyed myself there.except for the watching movie session ! i watched the movie called aku bukan tomboy.the-lame-malay-stupid-story ==' okay,bukan nak memburuk-burukkan malay stories but this story seriously got me pissed off ! kita melayu kan ? buat cara melayu tulen boleh ? buat malu lah aku tgk ==' through out the story they are using the REMPIT loghat ==' i dont know whatthehell its, 

lu jgn kencing wa ?! like whaaat ? cant they use kau jgn nak tipu aku lah ? aint tht easier and COOLER ? =='

and many more ==' haih,mcamana mau maju filem melayu begini rupa ? ==' i didnt enjoy tht story at all.sorray shamsul yusof !

then we went for WINDOW shopping ==' got no money one lah.

the next day,monday f.y.i we went to accompany kak yana.she wants to look for her households for her new house :D there,camwhore lagi.hihi :3 fun but as usual,ape boleh cari puuunn situ ? ==' haha.thnks kak yana for filling up some enjoyness during this holiday :) i started missing hanna already :o

here are some pictures :)

excited :p

hee ^^V

makan aje =='

imma good aunty,hihi :')

ekin :)

hiii cat :D

hanna farisha <3

kak yana and her daughter(s) :D

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