In A Week Time :')

p/s taktak, this isnt my school shoes, our kasut sekolah is so huduh :/

yes, in another week, 'Cool School' is going to start so that means i,
can no longer sleep after subuh
can no longer wake up late
can no longer ask mak to cook anything for me for breakfast, lunch, tea or dinner
can no longer grab my phone once i open my eyes from my not-so-nice sleep in school
can no longer sleep late just to text with anas 
can no longer ask abah to send me anywhere to watch movies because im bored
can no longer have the chance to watch tv and record any movies that i like
can no longer write in my blog. eff :/
can no longer do anything, ANYTHING that i like 
aaaaand many more.
instead, i 
must wake up eff-ing early in the morning
must study hard, yeah, i know, spm tak senang yo -.-
must concentrate in class, no, no sleep please
must not check if there's anything under my table once i got into class because anas wont put anything down there anymore, HE'S NOT  EVEN THERE IN SCHOOL YA KNOW =='
must give my full commitment in studies, debate, and sigh, prefect :/
must ape lagi eh ? ==' banyaaak ooohh :O but im sure with one thing, imma bring my ipod to school, me dont care *looks away* how am i gonna live without it :O
semesta, bonda *yeah man, new headmistress*, teachers,  friends, new subjects,  aaaand 2012,


byebye 2011, me will miss you :'( *wiping tears*

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