its feels like the clock is ticking a little bit faster. time is the one whom we keep blaming. time, will always envy us. always. how i wish i can my bring my handphone to school. how i wish i can bring my ipad. how i wish i can just drag mum, dad and anas along to school. what a happy life. the problem now is, how i wish. its normal for every students whom staying in hostels, to brag about how hate they felt to get back to le hostels. babe, count me in THOSE students. damn it, this holiday was too short. damn short. i repeat, short. i did nothing much. my homeworks, alhamdulillah. everything is complete. excuse those japan homeworks. darn it, i lost the paper. ya, i didnt care about the paper either. i badly wanna learn japan language, but its a little bit too late now. so many other hardcores subjects to be paid attention to, rather than the minor-japan-language. sorry sensei ^^V well, u know me already isnt it sensei ? the girl who always fail in the exam ._. pity me. yes, i did some revisions on my studies, and preparation for next class, but im just too afraid. f4, is like this much_____________different with f3. memorising, understanding, and others. Ya Allah, bless me in my studies, and my life as well. i still cant except the fact that unimax aren't in school anymore. too sad. i mean sad sad. okay, emotional breakdown zone is so gonna end here. change topic. great thing about getting back to school is, yeah, debate trainings will start. cant wait. so, wish me luck. in everything, yes. everything that im getting myself into. im not expecting myself to be the best, but i dont want myself to be the worst either. so, i want to be a middle-achiever student. the one that my mum, dad, and anyone near me can be proud of. no longer want the FAIL word in my life. please, amin.


can i say that i miss this ? :'(
i wanna get back to 2011 and be a f3 student
who doesnt seem to care about the world,but only care about the 8A'S 
can i ?


yes, thats it. im bored. tired. tired of being nagged, scolded, and anything else by the society or even from someone whom i love much. my day yesterday went all fucked up. it ended quite not well. yesterday, i didnt take my breakfast, i did for lunch but not for dinner. what a silly routine. my mood to eat is like sometimes comes and just wipe away like that. and im being scolded like GREAT just for not having my MEAL ? okay, redha. so, ive been waiting for anas to text me till like almost 12. ya, he's been working now. so, he apparently did text me. but i ended the conversation hanged. as usual, i fell asleep. and today alhamdulillah, its friday. a good day compared to others through out the week. it started well. woke up early, settled up everything and text anas. pity him, woke up late for work. then my phone rang. amazingly, or shockly, its haiqal's number popped out. its been ages since the last time we called each other. so we talked for like half an hour. quite sad since he'll be going to korea soon. so bro, goodluck in your final test next week. i know you're smart. and you'll always be lucky with your result. like what happened back before. i know it might fear you as it is le finals, but chill up. enjoy your birthday on sunday. and dont suffer yourself on the other day. pray, work hard though i know you wont, work smart, and redha. put faith in Allah. He knows the best for ya ;) and for naylee, sorry i cant make it tonight. i have other affair to deal with. enjoy kay ? :) sunday, back to jail. again, redha. and dear boyfriend,


xx Girlfriend 








if i'd given the chance to have my ipad all day with me in school, i think i might be the worst student. why ? because i cant seem to stabalize my time to socialize with those social networks with my time to socialize with my books. today, earlier in the morning i read an article, written that due to addicted to social networks some people may end up frustrated and may be in an emotional breakdown zone . and when they felt that, they tend to commit suicide or become stressful. this actually happen because, their life depends fully on facebook. no life, no friends, no socializing in the real world, earth to be exact. but they are having another life in facebook. a life with full of praises, attention and of course fame as well. some people, as they wake up in the morning, they'll write "morning people" as their status or even when they wanna take a bath, they'll write it too. Upon all that, they are expecting people to reply. uploading photos to receive praises and comments from people. waiting people to comment their status-es, photos and others. so when they did all that, suddenly, they dont have any replies from others, so they felt they are not needed by the society anymore. they let themselves down. its written in the newspaper that this type of people should wake up and realize that they are living in the earth, so act like a real human. dont just depends on social networks. what if facebook is closed ? what if their account is suddenly hacked by other people and they cant log in anymore ? what if the internets are down for a long time due to certain problems that cant be avoided ? what if something else happen... how would you react with it ? im sure that some of us will overawed. and hell yeah, count me in that overawed people too. im hoping that im not one of the psychologically abused victims. i should take note of this as well. so people, let us widen up our eyes and brain. it aint a mistake to socialize with the social networks. its a mistake if we dont know how to deal with it well. and, dont be afraid to socialize with people in the real world. some may not harm you, but the might need you :)


to whom it may concern, Happy Chinese New Year. may this dragon year gives you a better life.
and for once, nearby my house, the roads are frekingly clean and clear. i can lay down there without being killed. so true. no lying :)


theres no need to write it here who am i showing this to :')


sometimes, something that revolves around us are just not fair. the society might keep blaming us as they say we're the reason that some problems might endure between them and others. but us, as humans are free to do anything as long as its not breaking the rules that were made and exist in this planet called earth. we used to be so closed, we aint anymore now. problems are not seeked by me sometimes. it came by itself and we as a human should think maturedly to overcome it. dont just blame other people. look into the mirror that reflects you. see, if there's something in you that you should change. change please. you're old enough to think maturedly. any words that were spilled from your mouth doesnt bother me at all. but it makes me wanna puke. i just dont get you. wake up please woman ? you're no longer a baby girl though you act like one. please, wake up for god sake. your full commitment are so much needed by everyone. if you dont know how to change so, now lemme teach you. sorry xx



5983 miles apart
i'm from Singapore
she's from Sweden

It started with a comment on a picture of mine on Facebook.we added each other on every single social/chat sites.we talk alomost every single night trying to get to know each other closer/better.after a few months we confess to each other about our feelings and get together from then.
kissing through the camera,"hugging" the lappy as if we were hugging,pinky promises,showing off everything we bougth/got on that day is like our daily routine.
there's some friends of us who doesn't support having this relationship,saying shit and all that,well that doesn't discourage us,we've talk about it and stay strong and always thnk positive that we can make it and show them they're wrong toward our see her cry whenever she got problem i try my very best to listen and wishing she was just infront of me so i could wipe her tears off and hug her. 
the fisrt letter to her was with a friendship wristband,and then some gift for christmas/birthday..
i sent her a promise ring too which i could put it on her finger.
and i recieved some goods which is artistic and a plush with autographed by bmth*how awesome*
it gets so intense when we could not meet almost a year plus.we had ups and down but we manage to overcome every single problems we had.while the time passes by we learned to overcome the distance between us,the temptation of hugging and kissing,the trust we have for each other,to be patient at all times,all this things makes us stronger and looking forward 
for the first meet up.
to be honest her existance really do help me change my life from a kid with not future to a better grown up,mature thinking man.i do appreaciate and treasure all her times spending on her lappy to talk to me.

This is the video that we took on our first meet up,and's been the greatest expirience ever in my whole entire life.the feeling when i saw her walk out the gate cant be explained.i cried through my heart with joy/happiness.the feeling i got on that point of time will always be remembered.

SO FAR SO CRUEL ive been in cool  cruel school for 3 weeks ya know ? such a LONG time there :/ so lemme start the journal. ive started my 2012 session by choosing pure science stream,biology to be exact instead of technical :'( nvmind, manamana pun sama.i know, as long as i have the determination to study i'll do, to be an upper form student is aint easy and cool at all. u can never play foolishly here and there anymore.your different character should be exposed by now. dulu jahat, now jahat-er :p ceh, no. i mean, last year, i was playing around during the early of 2011. but now, i cant anymore. too many hardcore subjects to be handled with care by this tiny little petite and slow brain -.-' addmath, so far so good. chemist, yeah, me like that teach suba. biology, not bad ;) physics,sorry still cant catch up and get along with it :/ bleeeeghh, the ckigu is too awesome man ? i repeat, too awesome *amin* hoping to get along with him later on. amin amin amin. then, in earlier of this month of course, new intake for form 1. and i have to handle the orientation day. pfft,tired as hell -.-' go die lah those f1 yg tak dengar cakap. who am i to handle you with a very-the-kind-hearted ? a somekind of a samaritan sent from heaven ? on my feet. sorry ya ? ive been there done that lah little kiddos. so, its my turn to work out some revenge :p haha ! and alhamdulillah the orientation week went well. then, later nothing much happen. except for the new fucking rules made by my school. no need for me to spill it here, it'll only make me puke later. luckily imma be there for 2 years only. cepatlah, habis sekolah man. i simply cant tolerate with the rules. and somehow, deep inside the corner of my heart, i regret myself for being one of those prefects.what else to write eh ? hah, and i miss unimax in school. a lot :'( especially anas. get back here lah easy :') lastly, i wish the school's administration is better better. amin. till then xx


And finally, I found out what is my new year's resolution :) cool liddat.


im physically, mentally, fuckingly not ready yet to go back to school for so many reasons :'(

LE 2012 ;)

 Hii, so its new year people and before its too late let me wish everyone of you who reads this post A VERY HAPPYHAPPY NEW YEAR ;) may this year is full of Allah's barakah :) amin. so, today is ze really first day in January and of course, a new day for 2012. my first day was fantastic yet memorable :') me, and my debate team, hazim, ata, farris, kak adie, kak tasha and penyu, not to forget to the one and only anas azfar ♥ met at klcc :) i was so excited meeting kak tasha. i hugged her tightly :') hehe. so, ze objectives of this outing was to make a farewell party for hazim. becauuuuse *drum rolls* he's going to german ! yeah, we're proud of him :') so after asar we had a picnic, eat, talk, laugh, and of course snap many pictures :) i didnt eat, no appetite i guess. and anas ate much ==' bnyk en ? bynk -la-jugak. haha.the icecream is included. haha. then, after that we went to eat ice-cream. hazim treated us :') so kind of him. then we made a 'goodbye video' for hazim. so sad yet so mengarut. so, overall, it was hell fun :) thnks to evryone for coming. and at last, i got the chance to meet anas ^^ hehe. i love every each of you :) everyone ! ♥ ♥ 

hello yo (Y)

♥ ♥ 


mwehehe v(^^)v

ze guys ;)

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