LE 2012 ;)

 Hii, so its new year people and before its too late let me wish everyone of you who reads this post A VERY HAPPYHAPPY NEW YEAR ;) may this year is full of Allah's barakah :) amin. so, today is ze really first day in January and of course, a new day for 2012. my first day was fantastic yet memorable :') me, and my debate team, hazim, ata, farris, kak adie, kak tasha and penyu, not to forget to the one and only anas azfar ♥ met at klcc :) i was so excited meeting kak tasha. i hugged her tightly :') hehe. so, ze objectives of this outing was to make a farewell party for hazim. becauuuuse *drum rolls* he's going to german ! yeah, we're proud of him :') so after asar we had a picnic, eat, talk, laugh, and of course snap many pictures :) i didnt eat, no appetite i guess. and anas ate much ==' bnyk en ? bynk -la-jugak. haha.the icecream is included. haha. then, after that we went to eat ice-cream. hazim treated us :') so kind of him. then we made a 'goodbye video' for hazim. so sad yet so mengarut. so, overall, it was hell fun :) thnks to evryone for coming. and at last, i got the chance to meet anas ^^ hehe. i love every each of you :) everyone ! ♥ ♥ 

hello yo (Y)

♥ ♥ 


mwehehe v(^^)v

ze guys ;)

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