its feels like the clock is ticking a little bit faster. time is the one whom we keep blaming. time, will always envy us. always. how i wish i can my bring my handphone to school. how i wish i can bring my ipad. how i wish i can just drag mum, dad and anas along to school. what a happy life. the problem now is, how i wish. its normal for every students whom staying in hostels, to brag about how hate they felt to get back to le hostels. babe, count me in THOSE students. damn it, this holiday was too short. damn short. i repeat, short. i did nothing much. my homeworks, alhamdulillah. everything is complete. excuse those japan homeworks. darn it, i lost the paper. ya, i didnt care about the paper either. i badly wanna learn japan language, but its a little bit too late now. so many other hardcores subjects to be paid attention to, rather than the minor-japan-language. sorry sensei ^^V well, u know me already isnt it sensei ? the girl who always fail in the exam ._. pity me. yes, i did some revisions on my studies, and preparation for next class, but im just too afraid. f4, is like this much_____________different with f3. memorising, understanding, and others. Ya Allah, bless me in my studies, and my life as well. i still cant except the fact that unimax aren't in school anymore. too sad. i mean sad sad. okay, emotional breakdown zone is so gonna end here. change topic. great thing about getting back to school is, yeah, debate trainings will start. cant wait. so, wish me luck. in everything, yes. everything that im getting myself into. im not expecting myself to be the best, but i dont want myself to be the worst either. so, i want to be a middle-achiever student. the one that my mum, dad, and anyone near me can be proud of. no longer want the FAIL word in my life. please, amin.

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