if i'd given the chance to have my ipad all day with me in school, i think i might be the worst student. why ? because i cant seem to stabalize my time to socialize with those social networks with my time to socialize with my books. today, earlier in the morning i read an article, written that due to addicted to social networks some people may end up frustrated and may be in an emotional breakdown zone . and when they felt that, they tend to commit suicide or become stressful. this actually happen because, their life depends fully on facebook. no life, no friends, no socializing in the real world, earth to be exact. but they are having another life in facebook. a life with full of praises, attention and of course fame as well. some people, as they wake up in the morning, they'll write "morning people" as their status or even when they wanna take a bath, they'll write it too. Upon all that, they are expecting people to reply. uploading photos to receive praises and comments from people. waiting people to comment their status-es, photos and others. so when they did all that, suddenly, they dont have any replies from others, so they felt they are not needed by the society anymore. they let themselves down. its written in the newspaper that this type of people should wake up and realize that they are living in the earth, so act like a real human. dont just depends on social networks. what if facebook is closed ? what if their account is suddenly hacked by other people and they cant log in anymore ? what if the internets are down for a long time due to certain problems that cant be avoided ? what if something else happen... how would you react with it ? im sure that some of us will overawed. and hell yeah, count me in that overawed people too. im hoping that im not one of the psychologically abused victims. i should take note of this as well. so people, let us widen up our eyes and brain. it aint a mistake to socialize with the social networks. its a mistake if we dont know how to deal with it well. and, dont be afraid to socialize with people in the real world. some may not harm you, but the might need you :)

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