SO FAR SO CRUEL ive been in cool  cruel school for 3 weeks ya know ? such a LONG time there :/ so lemme start the journal. ive started my 2012 session by choosing pure science stream,biology to be exact instead of technical :'( nvmind, manamana pun sama.i know, as long as i have the determination to study i'll do, to be an upper form student is aint easy and cool at all. u can never play foolishly here and there anymore.your different character should be exposed by now. dulu jahat, now jahat-er :p ceh, no. i mean, last year, i was playing around during the early of 2011. but now, i cant anymore. too many hardcore subjects to be handled with care by this tiny little petite and slow brain -.-' addmath, so far so good. chemist, yeah, me like that teach suba. biology, not bad ;) physics,sorry still cant catch up and get along with it :/ bleeeeghh, the ckigu is too awesome man ? i repeat, too awesome *amin* hoping to get along with him later on. amin amin amin. then, in earlier of this month of course, new intake for form 1. and i have to handle the orientation day. pfft,tired as hell -.-' go die lah those f1 yg tak dengar cakap. who am i to handle you with a very-the-kind-hearted ? a somekind of a samaritan sent from heaven ? on my feet. sorry ya ? ive been there done that lah little kiddos. so, its my turn to work out some revenge :p haha ! and alhamdulillah the orientation week went well. then, later nothing much happen. except for the new fucking rules made by my school. no need for me to spill it here, it'll only make me puke later. luckily imma be there for 2 years only. cepatlah, habis sekolah man. i simply cant tolerate with the rules. and somehow, deep inside the corner of my heart, i regret myself for being one of those prefects.what else to write eh ? hah, and i miss unimax in school. a lot :'( especially anas. get back here lah easy :') lastly, i wish the school's administration is better better. amin. till then xx

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