yes, thats it. im bored. tired. tired of being nagged, scolded, and anything else by the society or even from someone whom i love much. my day yesterday went all fucked up. it ended quite not well. yesterday, i didnt take my breakfast, i did for lunch but not for dinner. what a silly routine. my mood to eat is like asdfghjkl.it sometimes comes and just wipe away like that. and im being scolded like GREAT just for not having my MEAL ? okay, redha. so, ive been waiting for anas to text me till like almost 12. ya, he's been working now. so, he apparently did text me. but i ended the conversation hanged. as usual, i fell asleep. and today alhamdulillah, its friday. a good day compared to others through out the week. it started well. woke up early, settled up everything and text anas. pity him, woke up late for work. then my phone rang. amazingly, or shockly, its haiqal's number popped out. its been ages since the last time we called each other. so we talked for like half an hour. quite sad since he'll be going to korea soon. so bro, goodluck in your final test next week. i know you're smart. and you'll always be lucky with your result. like what happened back before. i know it might fear you as it is le finals, but chill up. enjoy your birthday on sunday. and dont suffer yourself on the other day. pray, work hard though i know you wont, work smart, and redha. put faith in Allah. He knows the best for ya ;) and for naylee, sorry i cant make it tonight. i have other affair to deal with. enjoy kay ? :) sunday, back to jail. again, redha. and dear boyfriend,


xx Girlfriend 

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