sometimes, something that revolves around us are just not fair. the society might keep blaming us as they say we're the reason that some problems might endure between them and others. but us, as humans are free to do anything as long as its not breaking the rules that were made and exist in this planet called earth. we used to be so closed, we aint anymore now. problems are not seeked by me sometimes. it came by itself and we as a human should think maturedly to overcome it. dont just blame other people. look into the mirror that reflects you. see, if there's something in you that you should change. change please. you're old enough to think maturedly. any words that were spilled from your mouth doesnt bother me at all. but it makes me wanna puke. i just dont get you. wake up please woman ? you're no longer a baby girl though you act like one. please, wake up for god sake. your full commitment are so much needed by everyone. if you dont know how to change so, now lemme teach you. sorry xx

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