Again, im finding my way back to blogging. Im a completely different person now. Before, i was a teenager which totally relying my life on social networks. Hell it, i was completely attached to them-facebook, twitter, tumblr, instagram. My goodness, i cant imagine myself for the past few years, i was a maniac i tell you. My life before revolves in those virtual world. Fake peoples, fake feelings there-not all but most i see. Everything that im about to do, i am doing, i did, was written publicly there. Everything. When i have problems, it was social network that i looked for. I exposed my relationship there, my daily activities there. Enough of that, ive came up to the point where thats it, im leaving them all behind. I cant live in that kind of way for the entire of my life. Im uncontrollable. And guess what ? Ive been living without them all peacefully, alhamdulillah for this two months. Its clear to me now that, they all, isnt the main source of my happiness. Instead, my family is, my true friend is, my lover is, and my One and Only, Allah, is the source of happiness. Ive realized now that there are just too many obligations that i have to carry on behind my shoulder as i grow older, and yea, i dont need another medium that will eventually lead me to procastination and distracts my mere concentration. I need to concentrate on one main thing now, the almost-near-to-the-toughest test of my life, SPM. Study hard, pray hard, thats it. I decided to continue blogging because i writing seems to give satisfication to me-despite the fact that i have my mom and dad here, as well as anas, i still need to brag about a lots of stuffs which i just cant directly tell them, they are busy. So, i decided to blog again. Oh well. My blog is also unknown i think. I didnt tell anyone about me having a blog again. If you are reading this anyone, lucky you then.

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