How time flies, the first week of December has passed, oh wait, flew just like that. 3 weeks left for holidays. i am not going to brag about how much time left for the free moments of my sweet sixteen life as it'll eventually end me up in tears. so, i do not know how should i react as if to either feel super-excited or damn-sad as 2012 has come to the end. before this, back in time, as far as i'm concern, people were very terrified as 2012 is approaching. damn it man! its the end of the world! and suddenly, this year, yeah, no one gives a "frog".see, humans. cliche stupid assumptions. as for me, 2012 has been the toughest year in my life. my oh my, all the tests that were given from the Almighty came to me one by one. without i'm realizing, many lessons i have learned. truth that was hidden all this while revealed. and, it eventually made me who i am today. the past, the memories and the bad or good tragedy back in time of ours is what makes us today. good or bad, there must be a reason of it. everything happens for a reason dad said. the Almighty never test us beyond our capability. He knows what is the best for us. all we have to do is embrace ourselves and go through the test one by one. 2012 has taught me so much, through every aspects in my life. i have to be careful, i should not trust people easily, i have to study smart instead of hard, and many more. a part of me wants 2012 to end quickly, and another part of me, wants 2012 to stay remains. but who are we to control the time ? we're just human. 2013 is approaching. good luck dear self.

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