Time : 10:05 pm
Wearing : pyjamas (a cute pink polkadot one, heh heh)
Currently : just finished watching football match between malaysia and thailand.

right, my life now is just unfair. it is just so upside down where all the gloomy moods are haunting back to me. problems are knocking the door of my brain.heart is aching. life keeps on hitting me roughly. and i cant lie but im tired of this. and i barely had enough time to keep my blog updated. i just want a better life, amin. i gotta go. need to sleep, because i have class at 8, in seremban. so i have to wake up damn early. i hope i have Allah by my side always. i just have to be brave! heyarghhhh >:D

p/s you know what honey ? yea, i miss you. TROLOLOL, slap me once to wake up and accept the reality. you're NEVER going to read this. im so stress lah like this >:( be strong izleen, be strong. everything that happens, there must be reasons. at least, one reason. 

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