Im taking a break from settling my homeworks down. Hands up, brain freezes, i just need a break,desperately though. At this point of hour, i am solemnly sure that everyone's busy keeping up with their own affairs, let it be then. I am not a directioner, nor a believer. But man, their heart-breaking-goddamn-sweet-songs are just invading my head and brain. As far as im concern about their latest song, i noticed two sweet songs of them that just literally make myself melts. Its the little things and be alright. It is so sweet how the little things lyrics went on. It is about how a guy whom can notice about all his girl's slightest littlest habits of theirs but despite of all that, he still loves her. Lucky  one direction's  girlfriends. They might just die straight after they sing a lullaby for them. Idk im still hoping jelena to get back together. But their break isnt as heartbreaking as zanessa (zac and vanessa) man when they broke up i was like...."idk what love is man?". Till then.

P/s thanks for introducing this song for me, love :)

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