so guess what, i cant sleep. and its 3 am in the morning. i have class at 8 in seremban. i repeat, seremban. it means i have to leave kl early in the morning to arrive there before 8. and i havent sleep. i dont have troubles waking up early in the morning considering the fact that i've slept for only 2 hours. but, i have troubles staying focus in class. no matter i have enough sleep or not. yeah, thats my problem. it is kind of hard to sleep once ive got my laptop on my lap. cause all ill be doing is downloading movies, watching them, crying over the fact that how can they possibly live perfectly while i dont. its kinda pathetic crying over someone who doesnt even know you're exist in this world (like how im obsessed over robert pattinson and GUESS WHAT he.doesnt.even.know.i.exist. huh huh) and i miss anas. yes i have my family, friends and all. i appreciate their existance and appreciate them. but its hard to exactly accept the fact the person you've imagine living forever with, has changed so much...hmm...emotional breakdown here. i wish things are different now. i really hope Allah will show me the right path and makes me stronger. amin. so bye, i wanna continue watching PITCH PERFECT :)

p/s and i wish my bedroom is as cool as this.

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