as for today, i spent almost 1 hour to keep my jewelry box clean and tidy. i rearranged everything in there and voala, my jewelry box is now clean, updated, tidy and beautipulz. those photos up there are some of my accessories. i quite don't like to wear them, but i like to buy them. because they look so decent and nice. up there, the first photo, is my favourite bracelet. i kept it since i was in standard 4. i bought the original bracelet when i was in London. since then, i kept on buying tiny keychains and  i add them to the bracelet. at first, the bracelet consist only one small keychain, a tiny handbag keychain. And now, after I've add up more keychains on it, it look pretty good. there are keychains from all over the world on that bracelet, some from Vietnam, Japan, Paris, Bangkok and also Malaysia. i named that favourite bracelet of mine as worldwide bracelet because all the keychains on it are from different places in this whole worldwide. 

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