Life is certainly a ride. There are times where you are up, and sometimes you are down. Your dreams and wishes will collide, choices have to be made. What you must prepare for yourself is wisdom and maturity. Right choices will lead you to somewhere you would love. wrong choices still can be made, and be improved by you sooner or later, but why waste time when right decisions are right in front of you ? As time passes by, wether i realize or not, i will be facing the end of my high school next year. My oh my, how time drifts. The phrase time flies is just invalid to me now as drifing is faster than flying. I really need to start making up tough decision starting from now and soon as if where to pursue my dreams, what will i be ten years from now, who will i spend the rest of my life with, what kind of life do i want in the future and the toughest question for me by now is, in which field will i continue my studies in. As for now, i have a very deep interest in maths and addmaths. They're hell fun. They give me satisfaction that other subjects didn't give me. So by this my dad concludes that i can sort of push myself into some account course or whatever courses that is related to mathematics. But at the same time, writing and talking - as if in debating, public speaking - gives me a whole lot more satisfaction, and entertainment too. So by now, i can roughly plan in which courses will i pursue into, wether in something related to maths, or language.  So i hope i can improve my skills in both. And not to forget, i need to work hard. For the 9A+s that i totally yearn for. 

Embrace yourself people, life is going to treat you rough and spin you around, worse than a five star roller coaster that you've ride. 

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