marks and spencer has the best carpet to be stepped on, lol. and i was so zuhal-ish yesterday. btw, yesterday was a day engineered to make me overwhelmed by the Almighty. we, which relates to me and my mum, had this self treating moment yesterday, and it was a bliss. day spent very well with mum. it was a girls day out as dad went for work with his client. we went to almost every shops in one utama as if we own a million bucks but in the end we shopped a little only. fun though. thank you Allah, alhamdulillah :)
yesterday's activity does not dictate the real identity of myself, as im aint a shopaholic.
i seldomly go out for shopping, but once i go, you know what i mean.

TIME 0913

meeting them is such a bliss. living together with them as one, 
is a heavenly way to live.
i cant imagine us going in a separated way.
Together In Making Excellence 0913 


and at last i found my new obsession towards series dramas after for so long. it is SUIT.
i remember the last series dramas i was
obsessed with was Hannah Montana and that was when im in standard six.
 ever since, ive been watching movies, only, serious no shit.


because we're hungry maybe ? 
forever bestfriend :)


Its a been awhile since my last perasan moment of taking my own picture. 
my tutor was late, so i end up taking my own photo out of nowhere. 
this, is teenagers mum said.


because he thinks he's cute like that. 
this is a one way-and-a-very-unfair way to skype as its 
only me who can see him while he cant see me. 
God bless who creates Skype. Te amo 


besides Mekah, 
Venice and Paris is somewhere i want to mingle 
around with my beloved one.
things to be put in my bucket list.


"this year, all that i want is to improve myself" now that is a cliche sentence being told by most of us, each and every time new year comes and approach us. truth to be told, how many of us really mean it once those words were being told ? this year so far, is quite challenging for me. but still, the starting of my senior year in school is so fun alhamdulillah. there are times i feel so lonely, and feel of not capable in carrying those reponsibilities i have to carry behind my back. but as i have my friends, lover, and family by my side, i still managed to stand strong. there are some times when i feel like breaking apart and feels like i wanna have some mini getaway from all those problems i had, but i know i cant. if i give up, what happen to the rest of the people which rely on me. i cant give up, no i cant. Ya Allah, bestow upon me some strength, please ? insyaAllah.


the one in green is naylee's ,
mine is the white one ,
im glad we're back as one.
 feels like the old time :)


this song has been invading my iTunes for so many times. 
the music is such a relaxing music,
plus the voice of them, gosh so nice :)


 now this is me each and every time im done talking with mak abah and him. 
since 2009-now.


if there's any reason me wanting this school holiday to end faster for me to go back to school,
then this is it, those bloody annoying firecrackers noise.
man, i can never have the peace of living in this earth man.
 feels like i am living in a city tainted with wars.

p/s happy chinese new year,
 i love yah neighbours xoxo 
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