"this year, all that i want is to improve myself" now that is a cliche sentence being told by most of us, each and every time new year comes and approach us. truth to be told, how many of us really mean it once those words were being told ? this year so far, is quite challenging for me. but still, the starting of my senior year in school is so fun alhamdulillah. there are times i feel so lonely, and feel of not capable in carrying those reponsibilities i have to carry behind my back. but as i have my friends, lover, and family by my side, i still managed to stand strong. there are some times when i feel like breaking apart and feels like i wanna have some mini getaway from all those problems i had, but i know i cant. if i give up, what happen to the rest of the people which rely on me. i cant give up, no i cant. Ya Allah, bestow upon me some strength, please ? insyaAllah.

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