Never I realized that I have these much obsession towards coloured pens. Oh well.


2013 will be the final year for me to do many things in many aspects of my life including in participating in HKSBP 40. All that I can sum up is that, this year's PPM is by far the most amazing one. SEMESTA debate team managed to get into quarters but we flunked in to the all boys Asis. Congratulations to them. I enjoyed myself this year despite the absence of trainer, not training at all and a few conflicts before we participated in PPM. Alhamdulillah, thank you Allah. I do not know what else can I do to make Bonda see debate as an ethos for our school too. This year's achievement is the best so far. So I hope that Arissa can take over my job as a captain for the team next year. I believe in you Arissa, and I promise that me and kak Aleesya will come to train you guys next year :) And as for Ata, Kak Adie and Anas, thank you so much for coming :) Enjoy the photos!


A good friend i am not but a great but a great friend I have got. Before I write any longer, I would love to dedicate this post to one of my greatest friend ever, the best partner in crime, The best listener and the best team mate ever. So, here goes to the five years friendship that we keep in between us, through ups and downs, through thick and thin, wether come rain or shine. Wether you realize or not, yesterday's debate was the last debate we debated together. Yes this sadden me too indeed. I did not want it to be the last one too because semi-finals was our target remember ? Never we had this kind of achievement I tell you. HKSBP 40 was the last thing on our mind because exam and balik bermalam was what in our mind back then. Never we aim to win like this, never we make full use of baju kemeja like this. I love you team mate, how I wish you'll be tagging along in Dubai babe. Sh*t crap i'm crying :( I love you, I am happy we ended our career with the highest achievement SEMESTA had achieved. I'm happy by the way we sealed up our last PPM together. But on top of all, I'm happy to be your team mate :) I love you Penyu, Bapok or so-called as Aggy. I love you Aleesya Syaliqa bt Abdul Halim.


#SEMESTA #IniKalilah #PrayForSemestaDebaters 


It is such a pleasure to live in Semesta but i tell you what, the hardest fact to accept since ever is that, why oh why we have to back there ? Im going back tomorrow, there's a battle awaits me. Im all chocked up. I can sense tins of coffee which will be accomponiying (i dont know how to spell) me late night soon. *sniffs Sleeping schedule will be running amok. This is life as a Fivers people. Ive been spamming my girlfriend's whatsapp and wechats with this photo of saying goodluck. Dont laugh, if you're home alone this is what will happen. the other one was during the election. was bored in the car. so long hommies, pray for me. Ya Allah, show me the right path towards 9A's please ? amin :)


So whaddup homies, I am now tired as what only as i just got back from Bangsar and Kampung Baru. I followed both my mum and dad who went for the general election. Wow oh wow, the situation in both of the places was out of control. Both barisan nasional and pakatan rakyat's followers are promoting their own party. This time of election is the first time ever I understood what election really means, how it is conducted, and so on and so forth. But, nevertheless I am still young and naive about this world of politics. It is just so messed up nowadays as far I see. I am going to embrace myself here to write about my own opinion regarding on the 13th General Election for the country of Malaysia, the Truly Asia. My country to be precise.

As far as I'm concern, this 13th election is by far the wildest election ever Malaysia had. Both parties are standing their right up, wanting to win desperately, newspapers have gone viral, not to forget about the blogs and sites in internet itself.  I can barely see which side is true and which side is wrong because you see, we may never know. On my opinion, I believe that most of this "elections-chaos" are 90% made up by the normal citizens (excluding the nominated candidates for the elections) like us, the normal people, the followers. Just look at the state Malaysia is in now, horrible isn't it ? Yes it's true that some of the candidate got caught in making mistakes but sometime it is just a small mistakes that should not be bragged about! Just bare in my mind that they are all humans too. Both parties want to win so so bad

I really think that rather than pointing out other party's mistakes it is better for both parties to concentrate on the plan and weapons on how to win in the election. And we, as the followers support our party in a good way, not by making chaos. There should not be any soul judging on what the politicians are doing, if they are right then let them be, but if they are wrong, let The Almighty deal with them. Why pointing out other's mistakes when we ourselves are imperfect. The fact that children under 21 should not get involved in talking about politics is just a bullshit to me. I believe that we should really get exposed into the world of politics right from the start so that we can value and know the truth soon. In addition, we are the future leaders.

I am also not comfortable regarding on those facts made by some maniacs saying that all campaigns and promises that has been done by our government is just a propaganda to win in the election. Excuse moi miss and misters, you want to achieve something big, you have to work your ass of hard for it and that is what the government have been doing right from the start. From what I see, the opposition did the same things too. They made their own campaigns and throwing promises to the citizens. The difference is that it is clearly shown that the government site is not just talking craps but they walk the talk. Not just talk the talk. The other parties, i dont know. I believe that we should really stop criticising others if we do not own the enough knowledge. By just talking without knowledge and keep on pointing out other mistakes will just make you look and sound even dumb. 

Bare in mind who has been controlling the peaceful country back in 1957 until now, look at what we achieved, how we struggled together to bring up the country. I really hope the best man wins today, I really hope so. Do not criticise other people and do not believe in rumours. That is all I can say. I love my country and I want it to be as peace as before. Nothing else. I am solemnly happy with what I have now. Dato' Sri Haji Mohammad Najib bin Tun Haji Abdul Razak, may the force be with you. Win or lose, it doesn't matter because your efforts are all that matter by the end of the day. You already are a hero of Malaya. I'm sure your dad are happy and endlessly proud of you.


this photo was taken in the dorm of E203 2 years ago during 
the night of my last paper of PMR.
how time flies, i miss this so much. 
i miss 2011.
i miss those time when PMR was just a piece of cake.
when 8A's is all i want, nothing else.


Made it as my handphone screensaver, 
Ya Allah, help me in achieving
those 9A+s that i want, amin amin amin.

TIME 0913 (II)

I still remember vividly in my mind back in 2008 how i hated fully residential school so much. Dad constantly saying that those schools are for smart people and he guarantees me that if im in one of those school, i will have a bright future ahead, he says. What i kept on telling myself was, im aint a nerd and i solemnly swore to all of my primary school bestfriends that i am not going to any fully residential schools, wether come rain or shine, never, i tell you. Suddenly, on the last day of year 2008, dad secretly took me to a place so called as raub, yes damn that isnt it. i have no idea where we're going a that time when i was in the car. suddenly after quite a time, we arrived in this old-school called as SEMESTA. to get it short, dad brought me to meet the principal there to make a deal about getting me into the school as a second intake student. months later, i received the letter of acceptance to the school. mum, dad was happy. me ? not at all. to get it short and straight to the point again, all i can say that we as humans, can only plan. Allah the Greatest are the one who decides. Allah have given me the precious chance to stay in SEMESTA. never in my bucket list of life to stay in hostel, but here i am now, in SEMESTA. i love my school so much until words cant be put into sentence. SEMESTA taught me so much about life. i love my batch more than words can even describe. TIME 0913, indicates the excellence that we together as a batch will make soon. no i do not want us to be apart, not at all. I hate it when good things have to come to an end. its a month of may already, spm is approaching. Ya Allah, couldnt this time gets any slower ? Please.


It was my third time of participating in World Scholars Cup regional round in Malaysia. but it is my first time ever to work with a male in my team. ever since im in the debate team, aleesya syaliqa, the best partner i tell you, have never been apart from me in any debate competition. name the competition i've participated, she will always be by my side. in the year 2013, suddenly, Aleesya was ordered to pick either going for Nilam, or WSC. She have been working herself up to the limit for nilam, so it wouldnt be a suprise for all of us in debate team, if she picks nilam  on top of wsc. it was a last minute decision to decide whom will be replacing her. registration have been made, two days left for us to go for WSC. aqil was the only person pop out in my mind to replace aleesya. he have never debated before, i have never worked with a male in the team before. time passes by and the team of mine bond stronger between each other. i have never been this happier before when debating. me, arissa and aqil was such an effective team though. we passed the two days of WSC successfully, and alhamdulillah, we are qualified to go to Dubai for the global round. for the team of mine, Aqil managed to get an award of honourable mention for scholars challenge for the subject of science, i managed to get the award of honourable mention for essay writing, scholars challenge for the subject of art, top scorer through out the competition and top 10 debaters (which i was placed in number 9) among 500 debaters overall. Alhamdulillah. Thank you Allah. So here are some photos of ours. not to forget, this are the first year SEMESTA sent two teams for WSC, consist of amir, qama, and ari. and yes, they'll be going to Dubai with us too. I love all of you to the moon and back Charlies. oh to celebrate the win of ours, we went to sunway pyramid to watch movies. 


Before you read any further, i would like to dedicate this post to those who have helped me so much in preparing this annual dinner of the upcoming house of the year, ZUHAL. ive been so busy preparing for Star Rating competition and to make things even worse, i was sick like what only at that time. i love all of you so much Zuhalians, we are like a family :) i believe in the quotes saying sometimes pictures explain better than words can. so these photos can proof to you readers how successfully this event was held, enjoy.


I was so tensed up this whole week so abah and mak decided  to take me out. i went back home by bus yesterday cause mak and abah has something important to deal with and they cant pick me up. this photo was taken in marks and spencer again. i love shopping there. the other one is abah and mak trolling the salesman by saying they wanted to search for some massanging machine but end up not buying it. and lastly I managed to get the victoria secret beauty set that im craving for, using my own money. oh well.

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